Top 5 Reasons to Attend TechFuse

1. Less time, low cost, great topics! 
This conference is an accelerated and affordable way to learn about the topics that matter to your role. Bring a group… you’ll be able to cover more ground, share ideas back at the office and you’ll receive a group discount!

2. Network with peers
Network with peers who share similar challenges and learn from experts who know about the products you’re working with. Start making connections that extend well beyond TechFuse. Also, make sure to stop by and visit with the many sponsoring organizations.

3. Make an investment in your career
Begin arming yourself with the knowledge and network to help you stay competitive in your industry. TechFuse can provide you resources on the latest developments in IT, Cloud and Developer trends, technologies, application implementation issues, products and services from tons of local professionals.

4. Increase productivity
Start learning helpful skills you can use every day! Learn how to do the same tasks more efficiently, learn new tasks and learn how to save time and money.

5. See what’s new in 2015
Find out some valuable information about the latest and greatest in the IT industry.