Big Data / IoT

Azure ML Brings Machine Learning to Analytics and The Internet of Things (9:45AM to 11:00AM)
Greg Beaumont, GNet Group
Session Level: 200 – Intermediate
Audience: IT leadership, business analysts, BI professionals

Machine Learning (ML) no longer requires expensive infrastructures and knowledge of specialized statistical coding languages. Cloud-based ML lowers the barriers of entry for predictive analytics using ML. In this session, review the similarities and differences of ML compared to traditional predictive analytics, data mining, data science and artificial intelligence. This session will include a demo that shows how a BI solution (using only Excel) can connect to a cloud-based ML model in the cloud for predictions and new types of analysis. See how ML can be used to add value to apps. Also, review ways to turn your ML model into a source of revenue using Azure Marketplace. ML is now quietly rising all around us as it integrates with technology, improves processes and workflows, and transforms how data drives business. Empower your organization with new competitive advantages by adding predictive analytics to your toolbox.

Internet of Things: What You Need to Know (12:15PM to 1:30PM)
Richard Harbridge, 2toLead
Session Level: 200 – Intermediate
Audience: IT professionals, developers, IT decision makers

The Internet of Things (IoT) is here today in the devices, sensors, cloud services, and data your business uses. Microsoft delivers a flexible cloud-based approach that enables enterprises to capitalize on IoT by gathering, storing, and processing data centrally. When centrally connecting distributed LoB assets, the edge of an enterprise’s infrastructure can be redefined, and the breadth of the Microsoft data platform can be harnessed. Join Richard Harbridge as you learn about Microsoft’s position on IoT, and the technology and services being delivered from Microsoft to help you create the Internet of Your Things.

Forget the Device! It’s the Data! (1:45PM to 3:00PM)
Ben Marshall, SoftwareONE
Session Level: 200 – Intermediate
Audience: BDMs and TDMs

The device means nothing; it’s the data that is important. We will look at keeping your intellectual property safe, protecting data, and maintaining compliance, using Information Rights, Data Loss Prevention, and Identity Management.

Using Azure SQL Database for Enterprise Needs (3:15PM to 4:30PM)
Steve Hughes, Pragmatic Works
Session Level: 200 – Intermediate
Audience: Database Admins, IT Managers

From its inception, Azure SQL Database has been a tool to use for prototyping and for smaller projects. With the recent V12 updates and continued support for larger solutions, SQL Database is primed to take on even more of the enterprise data load. In this session, we will review the capabilities of the platform. We will also be provisioning a SQL Database in Azure to show how using Azure also reduces some of the operational needs. Finally, we will look at the pricing models between SQL Server on premise, SQL Server in Azure VMs and Azure SQL Database. When we are done, you should be able to understand the key differences between all these variations for supporting SQL Server functionality in your enterprise.

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